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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement

Executive Summary


Parks Junior High School

Principal: Laura Makely

School Site Council Approval Date: October 28, 2021

State Program Funds:

LCFF Supplemental





Program Funds:

Title I

Economically Disadvantaged


Estimated Funds:

$ 173,317

$ 130,826

Estimated Funds: $0


School Mission/Vision


Mission & Vision

The mission of Parks Jr. High School is to foster a respect for community and appreciation for personal responsibility while providing for optimal intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth.

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • The percentage of students in grades 7-8 scoring at the proficient level or higher will increase 5 percentage points from baseline percent proficient in ELA and math as measured by i-Ready Diagnostic 2.
  • The percentage of students in grades 7-8 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not meeting State Standards") on the 2021-22 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) CAASPP assessment will decrease by a minimum of 10% from the 2018-19 ELA and Mathematics results. 

  • All teachers will implement state-adopted Common Core  Standards using state-adopted,21st-century textbooks and instructional materials.
  • Each Department PLC Team will collaborate to review standards and curriculum, plan lessons that support the instruction of Guaranteed and Viable standards, and develop common formative assessments. Additionally, during PLC time, teachers will discuss students not demonstrating proficiency in G&V standards and develop a plan to implement targeted intervention during class and tutorial time. 
  • Teachers will attend professional development conferences specific to their subject areas throughout the school year.
  • Marzano Strategies along with researched-based instructional strategies will be emphasized.
  • When applicable, common formative assessments will be developed and implemented to progress monitor and inform re-teaching and intervention strategies for students not meeting grade level standards. 
  • Push-in instructional aides in ELA classes will assist students in meeting IEP goals in ELA.
  • Support for students struggling to meet grade level standards is offered in class through small group instruction, targeted re-teaching, and online resources as well as in Tutorial sessions twice per week. Tutorial sessions prioritize ELA and math, with those subjects taking priority over all others.
  • Online resources such as IXL, Brain Pop, and Nearpod, as well as the supplemental curriculum used in the Academic Pathways class, are available for students who are two or more grade levels behind in reading.
  • A full-time RtI teacher plus an instructional aide will work with students during the school day who have been identified as reading one or more grade levels behind.
  • ELA Essentials class is offered as additional support for English Language Learners at ELPAC level 1 (emerging). Additionally, an instructional aide provides pull-out, small group instruction for English Learners throughout the school year.
  • IXL is provided for all students, with additional time allocated for students 2 or more grade levels behind in math and enrolled in the Math Essentials class. 
  • Each teacher will be provided one to two department planning days per two quarters to engage more deeply in the PLC process of G&V standard instruction, assessment development, student support, and implementation of effective tier 1 and 2 intervention.
  • Monthly PLC department meetings are held to plan lessons to support the instruction of G & V standards, develop assessments, analyze data, identify students not meeting standards, and plan/implement targeted intervention for those students.

Goal 2: Technology and Digital Literacy

  • All Parks students and staff will have access to and demonstrate mastery of 21st Century learning tools, resources and skills in support of relevant and rigorous learning experiences as measured by staff, parent, and student surveys, classroom walkthroughs and observations, PLC reporting, and assessment data.

  • Ensure refresh of technology and maintenance of existing devices and equipment.
  • New SSDs for the digital design lab needed to bring technology up to date and improve processing speed.
  • New equipment for STEM Robotics class (robots, parts, additional memory)
  • Teacher collaboration to focus on sharing of best practices, peer coaching and support in the implementation of technology, and lesson planning for implementation of 21st-century technology-based instruction.
  • Thrively lessons to promote the Parks PATHfinder program which provides opportunities for students to explore 

college and career pathways. PATHfinder activities including CareerCon, CollegeCon, and Civic Endeavors

  • Visible Innovation Program featuring 1:1 iPads will promote Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking (4 C's) and will promote student engagement in a 21st century learning environment.

Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment

  • Data from student, parent, and staff surveys, input taken at parent meetings and forums, the information provided in monthly PAL meetings, and data from PowerSchool and SWIS will be analyzed to determine student, staff, and community perceptions of school climate and safety as well as frequency and type of safety issues that occur.
  • Promote positive relationships among students and among staff and students using PBIS pillars as the foundation for expected behaviors. Activities such as "Start with Hello," "Stand Up to Hate Week," and "Kindness Week" will promote unity and inclusivity.
  • Provide positive extra-curricular activities including after-school sports programs, school dances, and family nights.
  • Promote positive school climate through school clubs at lunch and after school, including opportunities for participation in local, state, and national competitions where applicable. 
  • Reward positive attendance with recognition and prizes. Quarterly drawing for perfect attendance awarded with lunch provided by the principal.
  • Provide resources for identified groups of students who need academic, behavioral, attendance, and socio-emotional support.
  • Parent Meetings and Education Nights
  • Providing social-emotional education and support for all students, with an emphasis on tier 2 and 3 intervention for students struggling with social-emotional or mental health:

  • SEL Lessons through the Second Step curriculum for all 7th and 8th graders.

  • Full-time Mental Health Specialist to support students with IEP counseling goals as well as students who present with the need for social-emotional or mental health support throughout the school year. 

Goal 4: Parent Engagement

  • Parks Junior High School will promote parent engagement and involvement by offering opportunities for both throughout the school year. In addition, Parks will provide thorough advance communication regarding student progress, school events, and additional information necessary to keep students, parents, and staff informed as reported by satisfaction ratings from parent, staff, and student surveys. 

  • School Activities
    • School administration and classroom teachers will establish positive communication methods before the start of the school year. Information will be disseminated to families describing school programs, policies, and procedures. The school will communicate via phone, e-mail, text, website, newsletter, social media, and parent/guardian meetings to inform parents of school events, programs, and other information. Personal phone calls and face-to-face meetings will ensure that important and/or sensitive information is conveyed directly.
  • Advisory and Advocacy Roles
  • Park’s parents have many opportunities for parents to participate in advocacy and advisory roles.
  • PTSA: (Parent, Teachers, Students Advisory). Meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each month. Several committees are available for parents to serve.
  • SSC: (School Site Council). An elected position. Meetings are scheduled quarterly. Last Thursdays of the month.
  • ELAC: (English Language Advisory Council). Parents have the opportunity to play an important role in making decisions for our limited English Students. 
  • Parks Parent Focus Groups
  • Parks Core Community (PATHfinder Support and CareerCon Advisory Committee)
  • Activities to Support Learning at Home
  • Parent Education Nights ("Helping Your Student Stay Organized", "Promoting Literacy through Reading for Fun", "Drug Trend Awareness", "Social Media Awareness", etc.)
  • IXL Subscription for each student (practice in math and language arts standards to mitigate learning loss and provide enrichment)